Featured Work

Easy Email

React/Node, IBM Watson

Easy Email allows users of all skills levels to create beautiful, responsive emails with no code required. Even better - Easy Email leverages machine learning to analyze the emotional sentiment of your email content.


Next.js, Node, PostgreSQL, AWS

The learning management platform for developers. Store content from all around the web, track progress, and close those pesky browser tabs.


jQuery, Chart.js, Interact.js

A widget-based, drag-and-drop fitness tracking application meant to improve the health and well-being of its user community.


The Budgeter's Guide to Starting a Podcast

Email Marketing in 2019: The foundations you should know

Content Writing 101: The Technical Basics of Making a Great Post


I'm a software engineer currently based in Denver, CO.

I love creating performant, responsive, and modern web applications in React + Node.

When I'm not coding, you'll find me producing music, writing about code, and creating generative art.


Apps that work on everything.


Experiences that work for everyone.


Forget about load times.


Say hello to interactivity.